Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pastor Wilson, You Are a Jackass

NOTE: I have recently made the decision to post all my LDS stuff to it's own blog. I posted this yesterday on Army of Buddhas, but have now moved it here.

The Washington Post has an article discussing opposition to a newly planned Mormon church on 16th Street in Washington DC. You can read the article here. The most striking bit in the article, though, is the following:

Dozens of homeowners have expressed opposition to the new church with lawn signs that read, "Too Big, Too Much, Too Many." And the Mormons are finding little support from the neighborhood's clergy, including one
pastor who said his objection is rooted not in architecture, but theology.

"They don't accept Jesus as the Messiah; they accept him as the prophet," said Edward Wilson, pastor at Church of Christ, a block from the Mormon site. "It's wrong, I disagree with it, and I wouldn't want them in the neighborhood."

Aside from being downright unneighborly (not to mention un-Christlike), Pastor Wilson's comments about Mormonism are blatantly incorrect. And I mean incorrect as in, 5 minutes in front of the internet will cure your ignorance.

Pastor Wilson, you are confusing us with Muslims, who actually DO think of Christ as merely a prophet, and not the Messiah. If someone was kind enough to send you a link to my blog, here are a few things I think you should read:

1. Click here.
2. Click here.

For #1, I went to, the official website for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and typed "jesus messiah" into the search box. What you see after clicking on the link is articles from LDS magazines and lesson manuals, about how Jesus is the Messiah, most of the time not discussing how He IS the Messiah, but talking about His work on the
Earth AS the Messiah, you know, almost as if the audience for which it was prepared already understood the concept.

For #2, I went to, the official internet edition of the scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and typed "jesus messiah" into the search box. And the funny thing is, Pastor Wilson,
the ONLY verse that came back containing both words was from the Book of Mormon. How interesting is that for a bunch of heathens who don't believe that Jesus is the Messiah?!?

In case you are unable to follow the above link, let me quote the verse for you:

For according to the words of the prophets, the Messiah cometh in six hundred years from the time that my father left Jerusalem; and according to the words of the prophets, and also the word of the angel of God, his name shall be Jesus Christ, the Son of God. (2 Nephi 25: 19, emphasis added)

To sum it up, Pastor Wilson, aside from slandering the most basic belief of more than 13 million people, you are also propagating false teachings that Mormons have been working hard for nearly 200 years to correct. I hope that you have learned, at the very least, how easy it is to research these things in this internet age, but better yet, next time: just ask a Mormon.

Further Reading: "JESUS CHRIST, MESSIAH" (link to entry from topical guide at

Readers: If you would like to contact Pastor Wilson, to assist him in obtaining a correct understanding of Mormonism, or just to tell him you read about him on this blog, click here.

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