Monday, June 16, 2008

Gay "marriage"

Thank God the gay marriage ban recently qualified for the California ballot, but there are still some troubling issues, like who do "gay Mormons" think they are? A recent article, found here, reports on a so-called "support group for gay Mormons" that has asked the church to stay out of the recent affairs surrounding the fight over whether to legalize or ban gay "marriage" in California. My problems with this are manyfold, but a few are prominent. First, are you a Latter-day Saint or not? If so, then you believe that a) the scriptures are true (which clearly denounce homosexuality), and b) that the leaders guide the church under the direction of the Lord (who has also made it abundantly clear through modern prophets that homosexuality is unacceptable). Which is it? This is not liberal Christianity, where we can mold religion to our own whims, this is TRUE religion, where we are held accountable to our obedience to the Lord's commands and counsel. Who do you think you are to counsel the Lord's representatives?

Second, who do you think you are fooling in attempting to claim that allowing gay "marriage" "affirms the worth of families?" Homosexuality, by its very nature, is anti-family. No homosexual union is able to produce a family of their own accord. This is by design. By God's design, and not the church's, I might add. And don't give us your Liberal crapload about how you "encourage LDS leaders to find a new focus by preaching and living a
Gospel of love and respect toward all peoples and all families," because you are well aware that even as the Lord does indeed love all people regardless of their choices, He is just as adamant about our obedience to Him, including the heterosexual lifestyle that He has proscribed for us (or celibacy, as one of the New Testament apostles points out). The scriptures are clear: We cannot enter into God's kingdom if we choose to live in opposition to His plan. Period. End of sentence. We can love God, and He can love us back just as much, and more, but being Latter-day Saints (or so we're told) you know that we will only be rewarded to the degree to which we are obedient to God. We can't philosophize with God, as we can with man, and justify and excuse our actions. It just doesn't work that way.


  1. I just love your post. The first part about homosexuals are not apart of the LDS church because if they are homosexual, they have sinned, and therefore not apart of the church. Yes! You got it.

    Now, according to your gospel, no one is apart of the LDS church. If you have sinned, then you're out of luck.

    'Because the scriptures say so.' So, do you stone people on the streets now days? Do women not speak in your household? Let's not pick and choose here which verses to follow and which not to.

    And lastly, homosexuality is anti-family? Yes, very much so. You are right again. Before you state your opinion again though, please answer, how many children were accidents with two gay parents? Can you say all your children were 100% planned? Can your neighbor?

    'No homosexual union is able to produce a family on their own accord' So you are now not only condemning homosexuals, but women who physically cannot give birth? Wow, classy gentlemen.

    Let's cut the 'crapload' and not say who can love and who cannot.

  2. Your comments are interesting, but they display the deliberate twisting of issues that all Liberals display.

    To say that no one is part of the church if they have sinned is downright incorrect, and definitely NOT what I said. The scriptures make it perfectly clear that no one was sinless except Jesus, and that if the rest of us want to enter God's presence we must "work out our salvation with fear and trembling" (Phillipians 2:12, Mormon 9:27). This means that we change our ways and attempt to live from now on in God's ways, and in the end should the good in our lives outweigh the bad we will enter into our salvation by the grace of God and the approval of Christ (see Matthew 7:21).

    "So, do you stone people, blah, blah, blah...?" Grow up. The scriptures are full of incidents that applied only to certain groups of people in certain times. Which things apply universally and which were colloquial are generally clear, but we have prophets who provide clarification whenever questions arise (see this page, especially the New Testament passages where the apostles felt it necessary to explain why circumcision was no longer necessary.). To even mention such issues shows that you do not understand the scriptures.

    "How many children were accidents... were all my neighbors planned, etc?" This is an excellent point to make. There are most certainly other ways that people come into the world in a manner other than what God intended, and sometimes in a manner other than what earthly parents intend, but this does not in any way make homosexuality any less offensive or any more acceptable.

    "So you are now not only condemning homosexuals, but women who physically cannot give birth?" Well, this accusation actually makes no sense. Homosexuals cannot procreate BY THE DESIGN OF GOD, and their disgusting acts are in no way acceptable to Him or beneficial to society. Women who cannot have children are far more uncommon than women who can, and they face this unfortunate dilemma sometimes by virtue of the fact that we are born into imperfect bodies, and sometimes, I would imagine, by design of God, as it is these women who should be adopting children instead of allowing them to be taken into the custody of homosexual couples where they will be deprived of the proven benefits of having both a father and a mother, instead of two parents of the same gender with one pretending to be the other gender.

    "Cut the crapload," indeed. I hope you didn't expend the entirety of your mental capacity composing your post. Whether you like it or not, truth exists. God is real and He has made very clear what He expects of us.

  3. "Let's... not say who can love and who cannot."

    You know, that's an interesting thing. homosexuality is a sexual behavior. It's about sex, not love. You can love a person of the same gender without having sex with them. Heterosexual men love other men, too. We just don't go around sticking our genitals where they don't belong.