Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Don't Lose Your Top

So, you've probably heard about the guy who got excommunicated because he put out (well, is putting out) a calendar of shirtless returned missionaries. I read this article, and something stood out to me.

This fellow was interviewed by reporters immediately following the excommunication proceedings, I am assuming, and this was what he had to say:

"I feel empowered and free and I feel like I no longer have to apologize for anything."

Well, sir. That is an amazing concept. I heard another ex-Mormon say this exact thing to me while I was a missionary. I realize that you were inactive for six years, so let me explain this phenomenon to you. Are you ready? You no longer have the Holy Ghost!

In case you still don't understand, let me explain further. It is the Holy Ghost who brings us to a knowledge of truth, and who also brings us to a point of godly sorrow, wherein we recognize our misdeeds and long to correct them. You, and the 100 respondents to your query for models, could not have honestly thought for even a moment that it would be appropriate to violate the standards of the church.

"The project is about stepping outside the stereotypes and stepping outside of the image," Hardy said. "Not everybody fits the image, and I let them know we're not trying to portray an image for the entire church."

So, your point was what. To show the world that there are Mormons out there who have poor judgment? Excellent example.

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