Friday, August 29, 2008

Apparently, Telling the Truth is Hate Speech

A website called "Recovering from Mormonism" has taken it upon themselves to re-post, for some reason, all the manure that was originally spread across My favorite post, so far, is the one entitled, "Why I consider the mormon church *a hate group.*"

You are invited to read my comments in response to that post, here:

Be sure to leave your own form of *hate speech*


  1. Hardly do I post ALL of the turds from to my site, only the absolute best turds make the cut.

    I do a check for stinkiness, consistency, taste, and quantity.

    Thanks for the link

  2. heh, you've been blogging since may and have a page rank of zero, I've been blogging since end of June and have a page rank of 4.

    Which one of our blogs does the internet as a whole feel is more turdy?

  3. You are welcome for the link. I don't believe that anyone who goes to your site from mine will be affected in any way by the distorted information that you are providing.

    As for page rank, I am not doing this for popularity's sake, but rather to make sure common sense and truth is available just in case anyone is looking for it.

    And besides, I'm just getting started.

  4. Pagerank isn't about popularity, it's about importance. Google sees my website as important, and yours, not.

    It's not about pageviews, it's about quality of information. I'm sorry if you can't understand the information on my blog is very important to many people.

  5. Google pagerank is run automatically by bots. If that makes you feel important, then go nuts!