Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Justification Of Crooked Paths

In yet another LDS Living article, an organization of LDS gays are trying to meet with General Authorities of the LDS Church. Why, you ask? Well,

"Any time that two groups come together there's a possibility, and I hope the possibility can lead to more understanding, more acceptance and less isolation," said Larabee.

Among other things, they are seeking acceptance. Who is this group, you ask?

Founded in secret by gay students at BYU in 1977, Affirmation has traditionally been ignored by church leaders, Melson said.

Affirmation has several similar definitions, and among them I believe this one is most appropriate:

An affirmation has the same purpose as an oath: to compel truthfulness. An affiant may refuse to swear to a supreme being and may therefore choose the affirmation rather than the oath. The affirmation has the same legal effect as an oath. (http://www.notary-92127.com/glossary.html)

Notice the particularly religious direction that this term leans. When taken in context, the moniker suggests that the overarching purpose of this group might be to compel truthfulness to others, including a supreme being. Personally, I think I'd be hesitant to compel the truthfulness of homosexuality to a supreme being that has made it quite clear, on multiple occasions, through both ancient and modern prophets, that homosexuality is thoroughly and completely unacceptable. But that's just me.

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