Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Slow March to Communism

When I heard about the recent government bailout of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac banking institutions on the radio this morning, the first thing that popped into my mind was the word "Socialism." Yes, I've been reading a lot about Communism this weekend, but even so, this is not a usual reaction for me. But, I think there may be something to this.

When I was explaining to my wife about what Socialism is, and how it's exactly what Obama is, she asked me how they would go about changing our form of government from Capitalist to Socialist. I didn't have a very good answer for her at that moment.

And then I woke up to this morning's news about FM/FM, and things started to make sense.

Many people have been using the term "nationalization" in reference to the bailout. I think this term is correct, because if the government owns it, the "people" own it. This all started to disturb me when I reflected on the Marxist ideal that all private property cease to exist, and all things become the property of the government. With this bailout, the government now owns the two largest buyers of home mortgages in the US. In other words, until these loans are paid off, the government now owns the countless private properties that these loans are held against. In other words, private property is now falling directly into the hands of the federal government, which is now shockingly close to falling, itself, into the hands of the biggest outright Socialist presidential candidate the US has ever seen, Barack Obama!

If this doesn't concern you, then you don't yet grasp what Obama is all about.

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