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Look Before You Leap

Listen, before you leap to the polls and pull the lever for your favorite presidential candidate, I beg you to read the following information. You need to know the facts about Barack Obama. You need to know that the mainstream media has been hiding the truth from the American public. Journalists from well-respected internet news sites have been carrying the following stories and more, but they never made it to your television, because the media outlets didn't want you to hear about them. Please, for the love of God, freedom, and country, take the time now to read these things, share them with your misguided friends, and vote carefully!

1. Socialism
Obama is a former card-carrying member of the New Party, a political party founded in the 1990's by the Democratic Socialists of America. The New Party was disbanded because the U.S. Supreme Court declared its goals unconstitutional.

What is Socialism and why should I be concerned? Socialism is a form of Marxism. Karl Marx's ideas were the foundation for Communism (Remember Communists? You know, the ones who have murdered hundreds of millions to date as they've taken over countries in the attempt to reach their publicly declared goal of world domination? Think Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela...). Socialism is the less-violent twin brother of Communism- simply another approach to achieve the goals of Marx. The stated goals of Marxism have always been to rid the world of God and religion, family structure, and ownership of property.

Required Reading:
CURRENT COMMUNIST GOALS as stated in 1963 (NOTE: This is a list of 45 points/goals. Please make special note of the following points, because they relate directly to things discussed below, as well as specific policy agendas that Obama has made public: #3, 15, 17, 19, 20, 24, 26, 27, 29, 32, 37, 40, 41, and 42) [, quote from "The Naked Communist" by W. Cleon Skousen]
Obama and the New Party []
The Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx

2. Constitutional and Human Rights
Socialists have always sought to remove the rights of the individual, as they believe that unless the state can form our thoughts, words, and deeds for us, we will continue to squander our lives in "the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." They believe in Karl Marx's deluded concept that all of life's inequalities can be turned into equality by forcing the population into subservience. To them, God does not exist, individuals do not have the God-given rights accorded them in the Constitution, and life has no inherent value.

To this end, voters will do well to note the following:

  • Barack Obama voted several times against legislation that would help babies who survive abortions (who were being left in laundry rooms to die, unaided), and in favor of the murder of babies who are completely born except for the head, at which point their brains are sucked out (known as "partial-birth abortion"). This procedure is performed on babies that are completely "viable" (the medical way of saying that a baby is normal), and there is no documented instance of this type of procedure being required to save the life of a mother. Obama claims he did not favor these things, but rather rejected/supported them on technical and/or legal grounds. However, he never did anything to promote any legislation that would have made these procedures/practices illegal!

  • Obama has opposed legislation to require minors to get parental consent prior to abortions, or to make it illegal for minors to cross state lines to get abortions.

  • Although he claims to now be FOR gun rights, Obama is already on record voting for laws that would remove the rights of individuals to own, and protect themselves with, guns. So is Biden. If you are wondering why this is such a big deal, read the Second Amendment [Wikipedia]. Notice the portion of that article that points out how "history [has] shown taking away the people's arms and making it an offense for people to keep them was the way tyrants eliminated resistance to suppression of political opponents." If you do not believe that Obama has such intentions, you may be surprised by the rest of this post.

  • Love America? Sure, it's not perfect, but it stands miles above every other nation on earth, as evidenced by the facts that a) people from all over the world emigrate to this country in droves, and b) they become successful! This is because the constitution guarantees God-given rights and opportunities to every man! Obama believes that the constitution is flawed.

  • Like your American way of life? Appreciate being able to improve your circumstances through hard work and ingenuity? Obama believes that your money should be taken from you and given to whomever the government determines needs it more than you do. He has also stated that he believes financial reparations should be made to Blacks, particularly in the form of "redistributing wealth." His pastor has, too.

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Barack Obama's Pledge to Overturn Every Pro-Life Abortion Law One Year Old [Life News]
Obama: Spike energy costs to make people go 'green' (i.e., mandatory environmentalism) [WorldNetDaily]

3. Guilt by Association
A popular radio show host recently noted that his mother always told him that people will always judge you by the friends you keep. Somehow, Obama has been able to politically separate himself, in the public eye, from the people that he has associated himself with over the years. Why is this important? Because, despite the popular untruth that "you can't judge a book by its cover," you can tell a lot about a person by the way he dresses, conducts himself, and, indeed, the people he surrounds himself with. Social scientists will agree with this notion because, although some people deliberately present themselves in such a way as to hide their true selves, most of us do not go to such lengths, thereby making the study of these characteristics generally useful to investigative sciences like detective work and psychology.

A Personal Example
As an example, let's consider my own relationships during high school. I was friends with a few people who characterized themselves as white supremacists and skinheads. This would, and did, lead some to conclude that I was, myself, a racist. However, those who got to know me better soon learned that I also had friends who were Black, Vietnamese, or identified as S.H.A.R.P.'s ("Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice"), among others. I spent a lot less time among the former group, much more among the latter. As a former psychology major, I would probably conclude, based on these limited factors, that during high school I was either unwilling to stand up for my own beliefs, or I was friends with most everyone I met regardless of their stance on racial issues. Had I chosen to associate myself solely with individuals who adhered to one philosophy or the other, my own agenda would have been fairly obvious- even when based on nothing but my relationships with these people. See how it works?

Who has Obama Surrounded Himself With?
Here is a partial list of people that Obama has associated with in various ways over the years, including some that currently serve in his campaign. Do these relationships tell us anything about Barack himself?

William "Bill" Ayers
Much has been made of Obama's relationship to William Ayers, former member of the terrorist group Weather Underground. Several people were murdered by the bombs that his group placed, but their intentions were much more serious: "In... the 1982 documentary No Place to Hide, Grathwohl describes a Weather Underground meeting at which the terrorists discussed the need to murder at least 25 million people-those diehard American capitalists who would resist “reeducation” " (The Atheist Conservative). Obama initially claimed that Ayers was "just a guy in my neighborhood," presumably because that's all he thought people knew. He later admitted, during the final presidential debate, that the two had worked together on a school board. They did, indeed, work together on several boards, and even had the same business address for several years as they ran different organizations from the same small building. Obama's political coming out party was held at Ayers' house. Recently, experts have determined that Bill Ayers edited, and wrote much, if not all, of Obama's "autobiography," Dreams of My Father.

Barack Obama's justification for a long and intimate working relationship with Weather Underground bomber William Ayers is that he was only 8 years old when Ayers performed his infamous deeds in behalf of an international communist revolution that literally declared war on America.

This explanation has been picked up by Obama's media partisans without question.

Actually, however, what Obama means is that Ayers, and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, began their deadly reign of terror when he was about 8 years old. But these most-wanted fugitives who attacked the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, police stations and other targets continued until Obama was 20 years old!

Ayers and Dohrn didn't turn themselves in until 1980. (WorldNetDaily)

Required Reading:
Ayers dedicated book to Sirhan Sirhan [WorldNetDaily]

Rev. Jeremiah Wright
Racist, anti-American preacher of the church that Obama attended for 20 years. Please read the following article to get the picture!

Required Reading:
Jeremiah Wright's 'Trumpet' [Weekly Standard]

Raila Odinga
This man "was appointed prime minister after his election loss was followed by widespread, deadly violence that destroyed or damaged 800 Christian churches...

As WND has reported, Obama openly campaigned for Odinga during the Illinois Democrat's 2006 Senate "fact-finding visit" to Kenya.

Odinga called for protests over alleged voter fraud after losing the December 2007 general election. The resulting protest violence left an estimated 1,000 members of the dominant Kikuyu tribe in Kenya dead and an estimated 500,000 displaced from their homes...

Odinga... once told the BBC he is Obama's cousin" (WorldNetDaily).

Required Reading:
Obama - Muslims Admit Cousin's 'Islamification' Pact [YouTube]

Tony Rezko
While quite arguably the least worrisome of Obama's associates, Rezko is a dishonest political fundraiser from Chicago who was convicted on several counts of fraud and bribery this year (2008), and who has been linked to Barack Obama in a real estate scandal (Wikipedia). Rezko apparently received millions in funds from a former Saddam Hussein agent, Nadhmi Auchi, just three weeks before Rezko and Obama bought real estate property on the same lot.

Obama ended up buying his side of the property for $300,000 below the asking price [He paid $1.65 million], while Rezko, through his wife, paid full price, $625,000, for the adjacent vacant lot.

Just three weeks earlier, Rezko – who at the time was under indictment and virtually bankrupt – received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Auchi, his "close friend" and partner, who smuggled weapons to Saddam's regime.

A year before their real estate deal, Obama, fresh off his U.S. Senate win, attended a dinner that Rezko hosted honoring Auchi at the Four Seasons hotel in downtown Chicago...

While Obama acknowledges attending the 2004 event, he claims having no memory of meeting Auchi there.

"I just don't recall," he said, even though the dinner was held in Auchi's honor and Rezko had invited Obama to meet him and other friends.

What's more, Rezko that same year had held another reception for Auchi, this time at his mansion; and according to court testimony in Rezko's trial, both Barack and Michelle Obama attended the reception and met Auchi. [WorldNetDaily]

Kevin Jennings
While hardly a household name, this man is "one of Senator Obama's top homosexual fundraisers", and he "founded a group, namely GLSEN, which has recommended books that condone sex between men and teenage boys" (OneNewsNow). "Just about every type of sexual practice imaginable is apparently acceptable and even worthy of "celebration" by any age student or teacher as far as GLSEN is concerned. GLSEN also supports gender-distortion through cross-dressing, even for elementary school children" (WorldNetDaily).

Required Reading:
GLSEN founder part of Obama's team [OneNewsNow]
'Gay' pedophilia and Obama [WorldNetDaily]

4. Like Flies to, um... Something
While we can tell a lot about a person by the persons they choose to be around, we can also tell a lot about someone by the persons who choose to be around them. Here is a list of people and groups who have publicly endorsed or otherwise declared support for Obama.
Louis Farrakhan
Farrakhan In His Own Words [Anti-defamation League]

The American Communist Party
Not only does the American Communist Party support Obama, he also was mentored by "Frank Marshall Davis, an African-American poet and journalist who was also a CPUSA member."

Investigative journalist Cliff Kincaid and Herbert Romerstein, a former investigator with the U.S. House Committee on Un-American Activities, presented evidence Obama was mentored, while attending high school in Hawaii, by Frank Marshall Davis, an African-American poet and journalist who was also a CPUSA member...

Obama's run for the Illinois state Senate was launched by a fundraiser organized at Ayers' and Dorhn's Chicago home by Alice Palmer. Palmer had named Obama to succeed her in the state Senate in 1995, when she decided to run for a U.S. congressional seat.

Nine years before Palmer picked Obama to be her successor, she was the only African-American journalist to travel to the Soviet Union to attend the 27th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, according to an article Palmer wrote in the CPUSA newspaper, People's Daily World, June 19, 1986...

According to Kincaid and Romerstein, U.S. Peace Council executive committee member Frank Chapman "blew the whistle on communist support for Obama's presidential bid and his real agenda" in a letter to the People's Weekly World after Obama's win in the Iowa Democratic Party caucuses.

"Obama's victory was more than a progressive move; it was a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle," Chapman wrote. "Marx once compared revolutionary struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface.

Kincaid and Romerstein wrote, "The clear implication of Chapman's letter is that Obama himself, or some of his Marxist supporters, are acting like moles in the political process. The suggestion is that something is being hidden from the public." (WorldNetDaily

Al-Qaida sites show support for Obama [WorldNetDaily]

5. The Politics of Disparity

The former Orange Democratic official who provided the e-mails to WND asked for anonymity because of concerns the disclosure of his identity could endanger his life in a volatile political atmosphere in Kenya where Odinga's fellow Luo tribal members staged sometimes violent protests against Kibaki's supporters, who primarily are Kikuyu.

Sen. Obama's relatives in Kenya are Luo.

The former Orange Democratic official reported abandoning the party and opposing Odinga because of concerns Odinga had manipulated tribal violence in Kenya to gain political power.

During Corsi's trip to Kenya, WND also confirmed the role of the anonymous party source in implementing an Odinga campaign strategy which the source claimed was shared with Obama's Senate office. The strategy is described in a document titled "Executive Brief on the Positioning and Marketing of the Orange Democratic Movement & 'The People's President.'"

The document at one point suggests: "It is possible to trigger a class war by painting the Kibaki Government as an insensitive, uncaring group of Muthaiga Golf clubbers. Available research also suggests that this strategy could also resonate with poor kikuyu youth who feel economically marginalized by their own government. As part of this strategy the party should seek to elevate the emotions within all youth constituents who may it successful, be willing to vote for us in the protest. Visible signs of class disparity will provide important fodder for this theme." (WorldNetDaily).

Let me rephrase that for you, in case you didn't get it:

"It is possible to trigger a class war by painting [White Republicans/Whites in general] as an insensitive, uncaring group of... Golf clubbers. Available research also suggests that this strategy could also resonate with poor [Black] youth who feel economically marginalized by their own government. As part of this strategy the party should seek to elevate the emotions within all youth constituents who may [if] successful, be willing to vote for us in the protest. Visible signs of class disparity will provide important fodder for this theme."

Did visions of Black teenagers in camouflage dedicating themselves to Obama's victory run through your head? Maybe now you will understand why everything that anyone has said against Obama in the past few months has been referred to as "racism." It's all part of the plan. Remember, it was Obama's people who were talking about riots if Obama doesn't win.

Required Reading:
Barack Obama The Racist - In His Own Words [YouTube]
Obama Warns Of 'Quiet Riot' Among Blacks [CBS]
James Carville Hints at Riots If Obama Loses Election [Newsbusters]

6. Pravda
For years, the Soviet Union fed their citizens the official party line by way of the state newspaper, Pravda. Today, we face an even greater threat- the admittedly pro-Obama media complex. Given the rampant sucking up by NBC, CBS, and ABC, and pretty much everyone else, we stand to never again hear anything but the "official party line" if Obama gets elected. They certainly aren't given to unbiased truth anymore, as they once claimed was their journalistic purpose and integrity! Every dictator relies on a propaganda machine. Obama already has his.

Required Reading:
Obama’s Margin of Victory: The Media - How Barack Obama Could Not Have Won the Democratic Nomination Without ABC, CBS and NBC [Media Research Center]

I know, the ACORN thing is getting old; you're tired of hearing about it. Unfortunately, you haven't been told all of the facts yet, so I'll try to do that now.

The Obama campaign officially denies any connection to ACORN. Research, on the other hand, shows that Obama has had an extensive relationship with them over the years, including work as their lawyer, training their employees, and even referring to them as "family." To top things off, the Obama campaign has given ACORN $800,000. Do you really think there is no reason to be concerned that an organization has had a lengthy relationship with a presidential candidate, has received nearly a million dollars from that candidate, and is perpetrating mass voter registration fraud in key states, in FAVOR of the candidate?

Listen, I could actually go on and on, and I have left many things out, but I think you get the idea. This is research that has been done by respected journalists, from many different publications, colors, and backgrounds. You might be able to brush a few things off, but how can you deny the rest? The list of reasons to fear for your freedom is endless when you begin talking about this man. Please, SAY NO TO OBAMA!!! Keep America free!

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