Monday, January 19, 2009

Open Letter to Obama

Dear Mr. President-Elect,

Tomorrow, you will be sworn into office. While I agree that this is a telling step in the current state of American multiculturalism and equal opportunity, I must admit that I do not support you as President of the United States of America.

My reasons can be explained in a simple manner: You are a proven Socialist. Socialism is an ideology born of Karl Marx's writings and is therefore a form of Marxism. Marxism's main goals are to bring so-called "equality" to the world by eliminating everything that I believe is good in the world: God, family, accountability, and individual rights of ownership.

You have already taken steps to further several of these goals, and have made many, many promises along the campaign trail which, if fulfilled, will all but bring the goals of Marxism into fruition. This will be the end of freedom.

Marxism is an evil doctrine, and it has been the cause of hundreds upon hundreds of millions of deaths as Marx's disciples have wrought destruction upon free men everywhere and brought them to poverty and destruction.

The ball is in your court at this moment. You must come to the realization now, before it's too late, that Marx's children, Communism and Socialism, have not yet brought peace to even the smallest corner of the world, nor will they ever. Not in Cuba, not in Russia, not in China, not in Venezuela. Not in America.

As brothers and sisters, we must not have that freedom, which was given us by God, removed from us. We must be allowed the right which He gave us, to try and to fail; to rise and to fall according to our individual efforts. This is how we learn. This is true freedom.

Rod Klingler