Saturday, January 24, 2009

Web Roundup 1-24-09

Here are some things you should know about:

NOTE: This MUST be stopped or it will truly be the end of the Constitution.

A personal appeal from Cliff Kincaid, President, America's Survival, Inc.
Help us Tell the Truth About Frank Marshall Davis
[USA Survival]
FROM THE WEBSITE: "Davis was a mentor to Obama in Hawaii for eight years before he turned 18 and went off to college."
Related: Frank Marshall Davis Files [USA Survival]

Impeach Barack Obama
NOTE: This is a petition to impeach Obama, although he is not legitimate anyway. Sign it, of you think it will do any good. Or just to make a statement.

Join the Patriotic Resistance to Barack Obama's Leftist agenda! I am there, under D. Rolling Kearney. This is the end game, people! Stand and be counted!

"From Henry Wallace to William Ayers - the Communist and ‘Progressive’ Movements" by Herbert Romerstein [USA Survival]
NOTE: This is a long .pdf file that documents many of the specifics of the networking and operations of Marxists in America over the last several decades. You will discover that some of Obama's present cabinet are longtime members of Marxist groups.

Court: Christian mom's child must visit lesbian; State threatens to take daughter by force, if necessary [WorldNetDaily]

Racism in the Big House [WorldNetDaily]
NOTE: What do you know about the Congressional Black Congress?

Discover The Networks
NOTE: A listing of Marxists, Leftists, and Communists. Go one, visit this site and discover the interconnectedness of many people and organizations you know... or, at least thought you knew.

WorldNetDaily is offering the dvd, Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West and the book, The Audacity of Deceit: Barack Obama's Attack on American Values By Brad O'Leary for five bucks each!

News With Views is offering this dvd: Hollywood's War on God. Sounds good.

Oh, yeah, don't forget this one:

Tom Hanks Apologizes for Calling Mormon Supporters of Proposition 8 'Un-American'
NOTE: Too late. I already threw out my copies of Joe Vs. The Volcano and You've Got Mail

Lighter Note:

If you aren't familiar with Andrew Bird, you should be. He was a member of the bands, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire, both utterly amazing Swing bands. He also has a cult following as a solo artist. I recently discovered that he has been writing posts in the New York Times about the process of songwriting, including clips of songs he is working on, in their various forms as he works on them. Very cool. I especially like the earliest form of the newly-released song, Oh, No, documented in his Hot Math post. All of his posts are listed here. Here is a clip of Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire on YouTube.