Sunday, February 8, 2009

Web Update 2/08/09

Homosexuality/Gay Marriage/Etc

Chicago schools - incubator for homosexual indoctrination

NOTE: If Prop 8 didn't get it through your head, here's another reason to consider homeschooling your kids. From the article:

An open homosexual has been chosen to head Chicago's public school system.

Ron Huberman has been chosen by Mayor Richard Daley as the new CEO of the Chicago Public School (CPS) system... But Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality has some concerns...

"I don't know what he's going to do," he points out. "I think the bigger concern for all the students is this comprehensive sex-ed -- the liberal pro-homosexual policies within the schools that they are trying to get in every school."

Hawaii on deck to legalize same-sex unions

From the article:

Hawaii could be the next state to legalize civil unions for homosexuals...

OneNewsNow discussed the topic with Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel...

"The people of Hawaii voted in 1998 by 70 percent to pass a constitutional amendment protecting the traditional definition of marriage. In this case the legislature is going against the will of the people," he points out.

BREAKING STORY — Columbus, Ohio Holiday Inn Hotel Hosts ‘Winter Wickedness’ Perversion-Fest

NOTE: I heard about this event before it happened, and I emailed several representatives at the company that owns the hotel, as did thousands of others. Their response was not to cancel the event, as another hotel did, but instead went to extreme measures to keep the event at their location, including hiring extra security, contacting all non-attendees and offering to put them up at another nearby hotel, as well as making special arrangements within their hotel. This event is disgusting, and I can assure you, I won't be staying at another Holiday Inn. If the hotel wanted to let these people MEET in their conference rooms and TALK about this crap, fine, but to allow the ACTIONS is inexcusable.

From ‘Gay Pride’ to ‘Poly Pride’ — Tristan Taormino

NOTE: The leap from embracing homosexuality to embracing anything and everything else is about to be forced upon us, if this woman has anything to say about it.

Prop 8

Media Reports on Proposition 8 Filing Uninformed

NOTE: Rumors are beginning to fly about recent "revelations" that the LDS Church "lied" about its financial support of Proposition 8. Here are the facts.

Christianity Under Attack

School interrogates, rejects parents' religion; Subjects mom, dad to 'sincerity test' after filing vaccination exemption

NOTE: This one scares me! All of the recent comparisons to George Orwell's 1984 are really no joke. This is serious.

Anti-faith language remains in stimulus package

NOTE: Still don't believe Obama is trying to edge religion out of our society???


Operation Outcry - Faces of Abortion

NOTE: Here you can watch like 140 videos about how abortion has negatively impacted people's lives, via personal stories, etc. Share this with someone you know. Only the truth, and not legislation, can ultimately win the battle against this egregious practice.

Liberalism on the Loose

Al Gore: Don't listen to your parents; Ex-VP tells kids' conference 'older people don't know'

NOTE: The Communists were behind the Hippie movement, including the popular phrase, "Don't trust anyone over 30." (Obviously, anyone over 30 at the time would have recognized the threat of Communism within the movement, and tried to educate them.) Now, Washington DC's neo-Marxists are putting a new face on an old Communist trick: Divide and Conquer. You know - what they're doing in the public school system already.


Little noted move on census by Obama could spell GOP disaster

NOTE: Considering everything else Obama has done within the past two months (and, indeed, two years), this bothers me.


Castro and Che's Victims Honored this Week-End

NOTE: This is an excellent article. Share it, and especially make sure it gets into the hands of any impressionable teenager you know (and they're ALL impressionable)!