Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Web Update 2/11/09

Prop 8

Prop. 8 evidently not a done deal in Sacramento

Christian Issues

TX churches benefit from hearing the Word
NOTE: Apparently, some churches are beginning to realize that, aside from believing in the Bible, maybe they should also read it! Cleon Skousen (a Mormon) said, in his book The Naked Communist, that reading the Bible was one of the most important things that individuals and churches could do to fight the influences of Communism. Too bad these people didn't start this movement sooner. I just thank God this has never been a problem in the Mormon church; although, of course, some individuals in the church have this problem. Hmmm... maybe we just figured out what Harry Reid's problem is. Hee hee :)


The Daily Show: Clusterf#@k to the Poor House - The Stimulus Package
NOTE: There is no bad language in this video, and it is the funniest thing I have seen all week! Amazing commentary coming from Jon Stewart, who is a pretty Liberal guy.

50 De-Stimulating Facts
NOTE: Check out how Obama plans to "stimulate" the economy. Hint: 97% of it includes payouts to Obama supporters and re-educating the public on the Ultimate Truth of Liberal ideals.

Obama's Busted Bubble

Communism & The Communist Demoralization of America

WSF Plans Global Revolution
NOTE: A bunch of fools who call themselves the World Social Forum are planning to stir up trouble around the world in order to further the cause of Socialism.
From the article:

According to the IPS: “Under a light rain on a soaked lawn at Belem’s vast Federal Amazonian Rural University campus, a spokesman of the WSF’s Assembly of Social Movements itemized some of the wider programmatic contents of the mobilization.”

These included: nationalization of banks; no reduction of workers’ wages; energy and food sovereignty for the poor; ending foreign occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan; sovereignty and autonomy for indigenous peoples; the right to land, decent work, education and health for all; and democratization of the media.

NOTE: Let's analyze their demands, shall we?

1) Nationalization of world banks. Okay, now all of our money is controlled by Big Brother. How does that help anyone? And when we have a problem with the service we receive, or the extortionist fees they charge us (amongst a plethora of horrifying possibilities), then who do we turn to for help? The leaders of the New World Order, who also, incidentally, will be the ones in control of the banks? Sure.

2) No reduction of wages. Seriously, you people are stupid. Don't you realize that when $20 is the new minimum wage, then $20 is the new $0! Artificially inflated wages create higher costs for businesses, which, in turn, creates higher costs for products which, in turn, creates a higher cost of living which, in turn, means that your shiny new higher wages don't buy as much as they used to! This doesn't just happen for rich people;, either. This affects EVERYONE!

3) Energy and food sovereignty for the poor. Taking into account the fact that this is a typically vague Socialist-ism (or Obam-ism), we'll assume that it means FREE energy and food for the poor. Well now, that's clever. Tell me what in the he!! is going to make anyone else work at that point, hmm? If I work hard I can earn wages that eternally increase in quantity, and yet eternally lose value, BUT if I quit my job and move down into the "poor" class, I can get everything for free. Yep, I can see the wisdom there. You know, the Soviet Union tried that, once. Well, actually several times. Ask them how it turned out.

4) Ending foreign occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. I understand. All you fascists gotta stick together, right? After all, whose business is it if they want to commit genocide, and enslave their population, disallowing them any freedoms? Socialists seek the same goals for all humanity, so of course you have no argument!

5) Sovereignty and autonomy for indigenous peoples. Okay. Then, all the happy shiny sovereign autonomous nations can get together for tea and crumpets and tyranny every Thursday. Anyone who knows even a little about history knows that the Communist mantra is "the house falls quicker when the termites work together." No, really, I'm sure you care about the rights of indigenous people. That is, right up until you decide to achieve global Communism, wherein the above-mentioned slavery and poverty will befall everyone.

6) The right to land, decent work, education and health for all. Socialism removes any incentive for people to dedicate themselves professionally. Socialist healthcare, in countries where it already exists, sucks. For everyone, equally. But that's all that matters, right? We showed those Capitalist pigs! Now we all get crappy healthcare together! Oh, yeah, let's create bureaucracies for the government to tell us where we can live and what jobs we can have, just like in the Soviet Union. Or, if we're going to create a slightly more democratic Socialism (horrors) we can just make up jobs for people to do and let them pick one. Of course, once again, everyone will be poor and unemployed so they can get all the freebies you mentioned previously, remember? And when Communists rewrite the history books, we'll all believe we're living in a utopia because we won't know that, once upon a time, people elected their own leaders, chose their own professions, jobs and homes, and weren't murdered for thinking for themselves! These are all great ideas!

7) Democratization of the media. What does that mean? Some government officials get together and vote on what today's news stories will be? Oh, that probably IS what you mean. We've all heard of Pravda. And, more recently, heard news reports of Obama on NBC. I guess we're partway there, already.

College wrong to host week of 'sexploration'


Pro-Life Wisconsin
NOTE: The board at the University of Wisconsin just decided that it needs to fill a glaring gap in the availability of second-trimester baby murders. Please download and print a petition (or 2 or 3!) and get your friends and family to sign them. There's only 6 to a page! Then mail them back in! Let your voice be heard - before theirs is silenced!

Racism in America

Push for racial preferences in 'stimulus' bill
NOTE: Obama wants to force America to pay reparations to Blacks. And he'll succeed by doing two things: 1) not calling it reparations, and 2) rush!rush!rushing everything through Congress before anyone knows what's happened.


Goodbye, America! It was fun while it lasted
NOTE: Another excellent article by the amazing Ann Coulter.

NOTE: Excellent comments by Michael Savage, if you can stand the ALL-CAPS method.