Sunday, February 15, 2009

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Obama lied, democracy died
NOTE; After you've read this article, please consider the following in reference to Obama the Magnificent: Joseph Stalin's plan for setting up a Dictatorship:

  1. Completely suppress the old capitalist class.

  2. Create a mighty army of "defense" to be used "for the consolidation of the ties with the proletarians of other lands, and for the development and the victory of the revolution in all countries."

  3. Consolidate the unity of the masses in support of the Dictatorship.

  4. Establish universal socialism by eliminating private property and preparing all mankind for the adoption of full Communism.

Enjoy your $2.60!

Wanted: Americans willing to fight back

'Sanctions' sought in eligibility case; President's attorneys file motion demanding birth, college records be withheld from public
NOTE: Because, you know, he's an actual citizen, and everything...

E-Verify program removed from 'stimulus' package

RBO News & Views — The Un-Flipping-Believable Edition

Students: Change Boulder High name to Barack Obama High
NOTE: Notice the name of the group that wants to do this: Student Workers Party. Sounds like someone's been to daddy's Communist front organization one too many times.

Federal obligations exceed world GDP; Does $65.5 trillion terrify anyone yet?

Judicial Tyranny

Psychopaths in black robes


Happy Darwin Day?

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin

Just 4 in 10 Americans Believe in Evolution

Dissent From Darwin

Academic Freedom Day


Wise Words From a 12-Year-Old

Call to Action!
Pro-life pastor prepares for sentencing

Fighting Back

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