Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Web Update 2/25/09


Firefighters forced into 'gay' parade win case; Jury finds San Diego subjected 4 to 'simulated sex acts' in 2007 event
This is a follow-up to a previous article I shared.


Republican response: Full text; Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal reacts to national address by Obama
NOTE: I listened to a full few minutes of Obama's speech last night before stomach convulsions forced me to turn it off. For a real speech, with real impact, check this one out. I was moved by some of his comments.

The Cal Ripken president
NOTE: Commentary from sweet, loveable Ann Coulter. I love every word that comes out of this woman's mouth!

American Idle

Giving Obama a Chance

Lesson Plans for 'Change'

Meltdown! It’s not a pretty sight when the “tingle” is gone
NOTE: Forget the article, just scroll down and look at the cartoon. Awesome.

Barackistan’s USA Service - Renew America Together supports ACORN’s Home Defenders and encourages civil disobedience

Document drop: The truth about ACORN’s foreclosure poster child
NOTE: Another in a long list of winners pops up in Obama's wake.

Where Printing Money to Cover Deficits Gets You
NOTE: This is real. Check out the 10 million dollar bill... and the receipt!!! Wow.

Obama Report: Gitmo is Humane, Abides by Geneva Convention
NOTE: Good thing Obamanites are idiots and only believe what Democrats tell them. Otherwise they might not have believed all the lies they were told about George Bush. Hmmm, wonder why a report like this didn't come out before the election...

Obama to nation: ‘Day of reckoning has arrived’
NOTE: Obama says he is going to "rebuild" America. You may recall a comment from an earlier post where I quoted Karl Marx as saying that he sought to destroy a country and then "I shall stride through the wreckage a creator." Becomes much more poignant when you realize that 1) Obama's buddies in the White House caused the current "crisis," and 2) Obama is backed by none other than billionaire George Soros, who has actively destroyed other countries in a similar manner (" his own admission, he helped engineer coups in Slovakia, Croatia, Georgia, and Yugoslavia"). If you don't know who this man is, PLEASE read this article! And even if you think you do!

Racism in America

Hating Whitey

Racism, Eric Holder, my Son and Me

At 100, NAACP fights to keep struggle alive
NOTE: This article alone may explain the claims of racism that have emanated from the Obama administration. Their single largest source of victims is beginning to lose it's deathgrip.

I’m a Racist Coward!


12-Year-Old's Pro-Life Presentation Saves A Life
NOTE; Another follow-up to a previous article. Happy ending!


Oklahoma House passes sovereignty bill; Path set for other states seeking to reassert constitutional rights

National Guard scraps plans to invade rural town; 'This operation could be pretty intrusive to the people'
NOTE: Scary!


Clinton ripped for downplaying human rights in China
NOTE: If you weren't already positive that Hillary is a Communist, this should solidify it. What a moron.

DSA Leader on Glenn Beck
NOTE: DSA stands for "Democratic Socialists of America." Isn't that an oxymoron? I love how "Frank" tries to say that Marxists are not always Socialists and vice versa. Let's be honest here! Socialism is a direct derivative of the writings and teachings and efforts of Karl Marx!

Congressional Progressive Caucus-Fifth Column at the Heart of the US Government
NOTE: I knew there were a multitude of Communists in our government. This list is proof. See anyone you know? Are you surprised?

Politics in Jeopardy


Conservative Political Action Conference
NOTE: This will be a live webcast, starting tomorrow. You can also view archived footage.

All is not lost!

FreedomWorks: and “I am with Rick!”

Obama: Think Twice Before Rolling Back Bush’s Border Crackdowns

How Democracies Become Tyrannies
From the article:

For Socrates, democracy's "insatiable desire for freedom and neglect of other things" end up putting it "in need of a dictatorship." The short version of his theory is that the combination of freedom and poor education in a democracy render the citizens incapable of mastering their impulses and deferring gratification. The reckless pursuit of freedom leads the citizens to raze moral barriers, deny traditional authority, and abandon established methods of education. Eventually, this uninhibited quest for personal freedom forces the public to welcome the tyrant. Says Socrates: "Extreme freedom can't be expected to lead to anything but a change to extreme slavery, whether for a private individual or for a city."


Moldova: Poverty Demands Control?


A Dutch Hero Comes to Warn Us, Seek Our Support. The Incomparable Geert Wilders, MP, in New York City.
NOTE: This is a good article, especially if you do not know who Geert Wilder is. ABOVE ALL ELSE, his controversial film, FITNA, is linked to from within this article, and is the reason that he has a death sentence on his head from Islamic leaders. It is powerful. I highly recommend you watch it. It is only about 15 minutes long.

More carnage from multiculturalism

The U.N.

Nannies in Blue Berets: Understanding the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child
NOTE: This will help you see how important it is to oppose this UN Convention and it's resolutions.

Parents? We don't need no stinkin' parents!


U.S. at Durban II: A Dangerous Game to Lose

Senate Considers Freedom of the Airwaves
NOTE: I include this because we need to know who our friends are. Two of them are mentioned in this brief article.

I have two husbands: A polygamist’s diary
NOTE: An article on MSNBC, intended to help erode cultural norms and pave the way for the acceptance of all devious forms of "marriage" that will be thrust on us if gay marriage is forced on us.
The last paragraph from the article:

With all the traditions we have coming from other cultures and various parts of the country, who's to say what is or isn't mainstream? Kind of makes "non-traditional" lose its meaning.

Undeclared Nuclear Material Found in Syria

Does proposed 'mileage tax' have hidden agenda?

Bacteria found in cheap soap
NOTE: Just a head's up!

More Reasons to Homeschool

Seedy "Rent" for High Schoolers? Sure, Why Not

Pure Awesomeness

Just click here; I don't want to give anything away :)

Juicy Fruit v. Fruit Stripe
NOTE: Juicy Fruit was my favorite as a kid, but every word spoken about it in this post is true :)

More Bible proof: Temple relics unearthed; Archaeologists discover official seals from Kingdom of Judah

Call to Action

March 5th Hearing in San Francisco
NOTE: This is the day that the California Supreme Court will make it's final ruling for or against Prop 8. I am asking everyone to consider fasting this Sunday for all the judges and lawyers and other people involved, and that this ruling will come down on the side of the Lord, in favor of Proposition 8.

The “Fairness Doctrine” is The Censorship Doctrine
NOTE: If you haven't already signed this, please do so now!
NOTE: Seriously. The Marxists are trying to ban bottled water.

Saving America: Time to hit the streets?

Hollywood and God
NOTE: The bottom of this site features a current, updated list of movies that are in theaters or on video, that tells whether or not they take the name of the Lord in vain, how they do it specifically, and how many times, so that we, as Christians, can make more informed decisions about the movies we view BEFORE we view them. We were surprised to learn that a movie we have been excited about, Coraline, has characters taking the Lord's name in vain at least 4 times. Oh well, I guess Hollywood can do without those dollars. I will be sending a letter to the studio, also, as the site suggests. I hope you will consult this list in the future, also, and help you and your family keep the 3rd commandment.

Soldier doubts eligibility, defies president's orders; 'As an officer, my sworn oath to support and defend our Constitution requires this'
From the article:

"I implore all service-members and citizens to contact their senators and representatives and demand that they require Mr. Obama prove his eligibility. Our Constitution and our great nation must not be allowed to be disgraced.

Tea Party!

If you don't know about this, you probably live under Iraq. Ha ha! Get it? A rock? Never mind.

It’s Tea Party Mania!

The Conservative Revolution

TCOT Chicago Tea Party Across the Nation!