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Web Update 3/29/09


MUST READ! Success! Defenders Holding the Line against Same-Sex “Marriage”—Activists Discouraged By Week’s Events

Leadership Miami presents 'Melt' play about diversity

Mayor Bloomberg urges New York State to pass bill to allow gay marriage
NOTE: Notice the link to the video about celebrities "coming out." Way to be unbiased, NY Daily News.


MUST READ! Is Obama a Prince Among Men?

Recommended! The Obama We Knew But Denied

MUST READ! Coming Soon: Neighborhood Fusion

US Communist Leader Lays Out Obama Agenda

Obama File 70 Obama's Socialist Attack Hounds to "Block" Blue Dog Democrats

Obama, the South China Sea and LOST
NOTE: "LOST" is the "Law of the Sea Treaty," which would give the UN control of all waters on earth.

Man critical of Obama case judge visited by marshals; 'I told your Gestapo goons we had nothing to talk about'

The Economy/Economics

The Drive to Abolish National Currencies

The Borrower is Servant to the Lender

Fed's secrecy policy 3 years old; In 2006, money suppliers stopped reporting publicly on money supply


Spare Parts


Recommended Read! The Man Who Fought the Hollywood Reds

Communism/Racism/Civil Rights

Recommended Read! Civil Rights Activist Dying on Hunger Strike Near Guantanamo

Education, or Why You Should Homeschool Your Kids

MUST VIEW! The big list: Female teachers with students; Most comprehensive account on Internet of women predators on campus
NOTE: We are led to believe that these are isolated incidents, but there is truly an epidemic. I couldn't believe how long this list was.

Leave it to the educators

Unions Whipping Hysteria, Promoting Longevity over Quality


No Drop in Electricity Usage in NY and CA at Earth Hour
NOTE: The closing line of this article - a quote from the Christian science Monitor - is a classic!

Liberal Authoritarianism and Earth Hour

MUST READ! Environmental Magazine Advocates War Crimes Trials For Global Warming Skeptics

Our March to Communism

Feds seize 2 corporate credit unions; Regulators say takeover required to stabilize nation's credit union system

Parental Rights

MUST READ! Who will raise kids: Mom, Dad or state? Parental rights: 67 in Congress pushing to amend Constitution


MUST WATCH! A video my mom forwarded to me
NOTE: See also this movie trailer.

Obama’s 7th Circuit Nominee: “Allah” Yes, “Jesus” No

Must Watch! If every Muslim acted like Muhammid, they’d be jailed according to modern law

Obama gets list of top Muslim Americans

The Myth: Muhammad Would Never Approve of Rape

Recommended! Mohammid Cartoons

Anti-jihad group helps fill U.S. ammo shortage; Non-profit cooperating with supplier amid stressed market
NOTE: From the Article:

"If we fail to take the appropriate actions now, our children will be left to carry on the battle against an even stronger and more determined foe, an evil whose flame we failed to extinguish," he said. "Our legacy should be one of bravely confronting our adversaries and of diligently defending what is rightfully ours. Our actions need to serve as motivating examples for future generations, instilling in them the proclivity to stand resolute in the face of evil."

Muslim women told: For family's sake, commit suicide; Honor killers avoid prison by forcing victims to take own lives

Creeping Sharia
The Religion of Peace
Games Muslims Play
Myths of Islam
List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 2 Months
The Third Jihad Movie Trailer

Second Amendment

MUST WATCH!!! Spirit of America 1

Missouri Highway Patrol rescinds controversial militia report

Recommended! Military demands details on soldiers' private guns; Fort Campbell command reversed under pressure
NOTE: From the Article:

...the command decided to explore how to implement a training program for soldiers with privately owned weapons. Their goal is to identify soldiers with firearms and provide additional safety training to them, much like our motorcycle and driver safety classes...

Yeah, right...

Emergency Preparedness

MUST READ! Coming government takeover of food
NOTE: From the article:

Basically, don't sell, or even give, the produce from your "recession garden" to anyone – or you're in a heap of trouble.

HR 875 provides a $1 million fine for each infraction of the "rules" or "orders" of the FSA for each day that such infractions are deemed by the FSA to exist. SB 425 provides a fine of $100,000 for each violation of any order or regulation of the FSA and for each day that such violation occurs.

Small farmers and food processors (jams and jelly folks, for example) would be out of business if these bills are passed into law. Ditto farmers' markets, and, potentially any individual who sells or even shares the bounty of a home garden.

Canned Garden Seeds
NOTE: More genetically unmodified seeds you can buy, but possibly a better deal: 23,000+ seeds for $40, versus the approx. 13,000 seeds for @ $150. The seeds from are packaged to last for like 20 years, though, while the ones from eFoodsDirect are only guaranteed for 4+. I plan to PLANT them, though, so that point is somewhat moot.


Suicidal Naked (and Defecating) Man on Cross Keeps Officials at Bay for 7 Hours*
NOTE: Ahhh, the societal benefits of atheism....


Nazi Scrapbooks From Hades

Call to Action!

Defending Families State by State

Civil Disobedience In The Era Of Obama
NOTE: Okay, this one is more of a suggestion. I just thought it was clever :)

Today’s Lecture From the Professor (29 Mar 09)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Web Update 3/22/09


MUST READ! Webster's dictionary redefines 'marriage'; Now includes references to same-sex relationships

Elevating homosexuality to new heights

Another lesbian demands custody of Christian girl; Former partner cites Constitution to force state recognition of adoption

Game for 6-year-olds pushes same-sex marriage; Online version of children's classic features new twist


Before you get started on this section, I would like to share with you an experience from last Monday: As I was driving home from work, I heard the local news at the bottom of the hour. They announced that on the coming Friday (last Friday) there would be a meeting at the Sheriff's station "to advise members of the Black, Asian, and Latino community on how to get their share of the stimulus money." No Honkies allowed! Change we can believe in...

MUST READ! Learning from J. Edgar Hoovers, “A Study Of Communism,” the parallels between the attractions of communism presented (economic, sociological, political and psychological) and the current Obama administrations appeal are startling. Hopefully this may help those who worship the dangerous administration, reflect on just what it is they are being led to. The destruction of every freedom they now take for granted.
NOTE: Don't let the title scare you away :) This is the most important article in this update!

Obama White House bars press from press award ceremony
NOTE: You know, the new, improved, "transparent" Presidency...

School House Rock - Tyrannosaurus Debt video on YouTube

Obama and Islam - dangerous discussions?

Obama File 69 The Communists, Obama and the Cesar Chavez Holiday Campaign
NOTE: Here in Sacramento we have a Cesar Chavez Park right in the middle of downtown. Should I have been surprised when they tried to pass legislation to allow Communists to teach in public schools last year?

Reuters: Hamas leader welcomes Obama’s “new language”

Meet the compulsive service Orwellian “GIVE Act” — to be voted on this week (Updated: Passed in House)
From the Democrat=Socialist website:

“Our Party organizations must be extended all over the country and we must purposefully train tens of thousands of cadres and hundreds of first-rate mass leaders.” – Quotations from Mao Tse Tung

Civilian security force on agenda again; But no answer provided by presidential spokesman

Who's 'Hitler' now?

Justice Department to San Francisco Police: Shut Up!
This is an update to the email I forwarded about the investigation into the involvement of Bill Ayers and his wife in unsolved Weather Underground bombing(s).

Biden jokes about Obama's birth certificate at dinner

2nd Amendment

Feds undercut ammo supply; But Defense policy reversed after intervention by 2 Montana senators


Must Read! Pundita: How right they were

Must read! RBO News & Views — The Kulaks Revolt Edition
Excerpt from the article:

The beginning of a protest movement against Barack Obama’s redistributive policies is underway. Though still small, every movement starts somewhere. While called the “Tea Party” after the Boston Tea Party, this movement is similar to movements throughout history where the producers of society refuse to have their property and income confiscated.

This movement can succeed if it does not stop at protest and includes changes in economic behavior. Obama’s redistributive plans require higher taxation, but higher tax plans (to be announced this week by Obama) are based on the fallacy that the “rich” will not change their economic behavior in reaction to higher tax rates.

History tells us, however, that economic redistribution plans fail because the producers of society would rather not produce, than have the fruits of their production taken away and given to others. Obama can raise the tax rates on income, but he cannot force people to generate income to be taxed. People may just say “no.” This resistance will not come from evading taxes, but from evading taxable income. In the end, as must all economic redistributors, Obama either will have to resort to repressive measures, or he will have to abandon his redistributive plans.

MUST READ! Preparing for Panic: ACORN, AIG, Cloward-Piven, and assorted coincidences (Updated)
NOTE: Skip down to the Cloward-Piven section, and begin reading from there.

U.S. backs global alternative to dollar

A Chilling Harbinger: Confiscation as Taxation

BREAKING: Gingrich Calls on Obama to End Bailouts

Fed to pump another $1 trillion into U.S. economy
NOTE: Meaning... your dollar just lost a sizable degree of it's value.

Dollar caps worst week in 24 years

Glenn Beck: Dear IRS...

An About Face on Fear

Health Care

Inequities in socialized health care


Believe in God or Die!

'Jesus' banned -- so chaplain resigned

Will the Jews return to Temple Mount?


Textbooks 'whitewashing' Islamic extremism

Romance rumor leads to torching of Christian; Muslim charged with setting fire to man, murdering father


From Arms to Education to Political Power: Return of the SDS and the Weather Underground
NOTE: This is a .pdf file. It concerns Bernardine Dohrn, the wife of Obama's best friend, Bill Ayers.

Venezuela brings ports under federal control
NOTE: From the "Things We Can Expect in America" department.


Glenn Beck Re-Energizes the Conservative Movement

Intellectuals and Philosophy vs. Conservatives and Tradition

Common Sense

Condoms don't protect souls
From the article:

You'll notice that liberals embrace the Don't Theology when their precious political cushions are at risk. "Don't. Don't. Don't. Don't watch Fox News. Don't Read Ann Coulter's Guilty. Don't drive to work." Miraculously, though, the Don't Theology becomes simplistic when Evangelicals, Catholics or Mormons encourage their daughters to abstain from sleeping with street gangs.


The Clear and Cohesive Message of the International Conference on Climate Change

Will They or Won’t They Pull a Fast One on Cap-and-Trade?

What will 'global warming' cost you?

Illegal Immigration

Anti-immigration group criticizes amnesty initiative

E-Verify and the emerging surveillance state


Pro-lifers' sting tags more AZ abortion clinics

Big Brother

Chicago Street Lights May Scan for Car Insurance

Horrible Things

Alaska and Florida consider bans on bestiality
NOTE: Of course, if they are willing to allow homosexuality, what's the difference? Is there much?

Build-a-baby workshops on the rise

Teens' abortion technique: Drink poisonous mixture; Ending unwanted pregnancy as easy as swallowing veterinary medicine


MUST READ! Lose your property for growing food? Big Brother legislation could mean prosecution, fines up to $1 million
NOTE: In case you missed it, I recently linked to this website,, where you can buy self-reproducing seeds.

`Hillary: The Movie,' now showing at Supreme Court
NOTE: 'Hillary: The Movie' is excellent, if you haven't seen it yet!

Thank God! Soldiers pledge to refuse disarmament demands

Parents sue state over babies' DNA; Minnesota accused of depriving newborns 'of lawful privacy rights'
From the article:

He said the agency relies on "clinicians" to let parents know of the requirement that they choose to opt out of the program and only provides that information to parents through a website and if they call and ask.

The case alleges "as of December 31, 2008, Defendant Minnesota Department of Health had stored 819,282 dried blood spot baby samples; had stored 1,567,133 records of the results of newborn genetic screening; and had used 52,519 dried blood spot samples for research."

Call to Action

Obama to mobilize supporters in budget push
Obama: Still a community organizer
NOTE: Listen, his army is already assembled and ready to fight for what is wrong. Will YOU stand up for what is right?

Info on the world food crisis via Market Skeptics
NOTE: Are YOU prepared?

Become a 10-and-2 PRO-Active Representative for

Glen Beck's Official 912 Project site

California site for Glen Beck's 912 Project on Ning

On April 15, be part of the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party rally in your community
Fed-up Americans mobilize: More than 170 tea parties; Patriots put blazing heat on Washington, rebuke reckless spending
NOTE: Several events are planned in my immediate area for April 15th, what about YOU?


Just For Fun

Guy in Chain Mail Faraday Suit Takes Star Wars Tesla Coil Music To the Next Level

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Web Update 3/14/09

In Case You Missed It!

Glenn Beck—We Surround Them Parts 1-5 and Internet Webcast 1-4
NOTE: I missed the webcast, but the show was awesome! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Obama Administration Trying to Legalize Rights to Abortion and Gay Marriage Via United Nations Today (3/13)

Support for Gay Marriage Dropping in California

State of the Union - Defining gay marriage for the feds.

Conservatives push to protect marriage in NC

Minn. school takes neutral stance on homosexuality

Young conservatives misled on homosexual issue

Homosexuals lobby for 'marriage' in Iowa

Vote pending on 'gender identity' in Gainesville


Obama Sells U.S. to China Inc.

Obama Signs Law Banning Federal Embryo Research Two Days After Signing Executive Order to OK It

Ann Coulter: Are 'hope' and 'change' still tax-deductible?

Senator: Eligibility is up to the voters; Republican Martinez implies constitutional requirement for presidency can be bypassed

Chief justice publicly accepts WND's eligibility petition; Attorney Orly Taitz talks to Roberts, who agrees to read Obama-birth docs

Lawyers: ACORN Destroying American Elections

Beck Interviews Communist Leader Sam Webb-Cagey About Obama
NOTE: I also saw Glen interview the leader of the American Socialist party and he also denied everything just like this man does. Of course, if they admit what is going on then America will wake up before it's too late! WATCH THIS!!!

Obama's Ilk

Obama intel pick works for Chinese government; Company's deals were seen as attempt to expand communist nation's influence

Who is Pulling Geithner’s Strings?

Racism in America

Banks steered blacks to bad loans, NAACP says; Class-action lawsuits target subprime lenders Wells Fargo, HSBC
NOTE: "Our own actions to force banks to lend to unqualified minorities may have helped cause our economic collapse... But the real problem is those darn Bank Honkies trying to keep the Black man down!"

Commentary: Elect a crazy council, get crazy results

War on Christianity

Elementary blots out 'In God We Trust'; Student-made posters censored for using words of faith

School shuts out entire community to avoid church


Judge orders homeschoolers into public district classrooms; Decides children need more 'focus' despite testing above grade levels
NOTE: This judge decided that, no matter how well the kids are doing academically, they need more "socialization."

Home schoolers swarm to defend education
NOTE: Why is this bill being presented...? Looky here:

[This bill] would allow a school superintendant or principal to determine if the home school program should continue or be terminated.


Physicians: Obama plan will 'shut down hospitals'; 'Radically pro-abortion agenda' would remove conscience protections


Why leftists love tyrants and terrorists; New blockbuster 'United in Hate' earns critical acclaim
NOTE: Did you know that Francis Ford Coppola and Harry Belafonte both publicly praised Fidel Castro?

Laughing at the Contradictions of Socialism in America

China emerges as threat to U.S.

Communist Party USA Clubs “springing up like dandelions with warm spring rains in Minnesota” — all in the “era” of “our friend” Obama

UPDATE 4-Venezuela's Chavez seizes U.S. food giant unit

Why Socialism is Stupid

Sweden's government health care

From ACORN/Jobs With Justice rally today in Orlando to push “historic budget” to worldwide demonstrations for “global social justice”


My Fellow Conservatives, Let’s Be Bad Guys!

Islam in America

Climate of Fear Spreads In California Mosques

Muslim prayer-in-school controversy might be solved
NOTE: This made me sick. Apparently, we can allow anything but expressions of Christian faith.

U.N. to make ban on criticizing Islam mandatory? Expected proposal would criminalize such comments in U.S.

Second Amendment

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Professor Takes Heat for Calling Cops on Student Who Discussed Guns in Class

Economic Crisis

'There will be blood!' Top economist warns of civil violence, government overthrow

Ayn Rand and the Tea Party Protests

Financial fix? Abolish the Fed, says congressman; Paul: Constitution requires coin based on gold, silver

Horrible Things

Connecticut Legislators Come After Churches Who Stood for Marriage
Citizens Rally by the Thousands! Catholic Take-Over Bill Dies a Messy Death In Connecticut

Bible ranks low as resource for parenting

Radio chip coming soon to your driver's license? Homeland Security seeks next-generation REAL ID
NOTE: See also:

'Starting Over': Britain holds first divorce fair; Psychics, lawyers, counselors help make breaking up easier to do

Coed showers going statewide? Family group says 'gender identity' bill threatens women, children

'Fourth Reich' being planned? Radicals call for exploiting credit troubles during G8 summit

Sen. Boxer tries to hurry children's 'rights' treaty; Opponents warn U.N. measure would put government in place of parents

Wonderful Things

Orange County Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood
NOTE: Thank God!

A model of biblical proportions: man spends 30 years creating a model of Herod's Temple

New York's abandoned, beautiful architecture
NOTE: Just wanted to share :) The original site, with many more photos, can be found here.

Lawmakers declare fetuses to be people, too; States vote on measures that extend full 'personhood' rights to pre-born

The American Form of Government
NOTE: In case you missed this the first time.

Atheist Urges Evangelism


Girl Scouts' birthday – but nothing to celebrate
NOTE: If your daughter is in Girl Scouts, or you are considering it, please read this article! You may be interested in the American Heritage Girls, instead!

China warns world against hosting Dalai Lama
NOTE: It is interesting to note that a Buddhist monastery I have attended in Sacramento started out because the Communists were persecuting, and murdering, any Buddhists who would not let the Communists control what they taught. The Communists also have announced their own "state-approved" Buddhist leader that they insist people look to instead of the Dalai Lama, who many believe is the reincarnation of a Bodhisatva (Buddhist "saint"), or the Buddha himself.

Study Links Explicit Lyrics to Teen Sex

Calls to Action

The 912 Project
NOTE: This is the new site launched yesterday (3/13) by Glen Beck, to bring "Real America" together in defense of the principles and virtues that made us great. Get involved!!!

Please note that there are still many issues being considered by lawmakers around America right now that can and will have far-reaching effects on our country if the bad ones are not stopped and the good ones not supported. Please PRAY for our lawmakers to do what is right by God and our citizens, and TAKE A STAND for what is right in any way you can!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Web Update 2/09/09

Homosexuality/Gay "marriage"

Parents face prosecution over school gay week protest
NOTE: England has already fallen farther than we have to Socialism, if you were not aware. Notice that, according to this article, they have a National LGBT History Month in which children are taught to respect perversion. Is this next for us?

Marriage traditionalists in the crosshairs

Court appears ready to uphold Prop. 8


Republican senator says Snopes settled 'eligibility'; Arizona's Kyl cites website that assumes Hawaiian birth

Is infallible? If website calls Obama eligible, then he must be, right?
NOTE: While I love this website, I came across their Obama page a while back and became immediately suspicious myself.

White House nightlife under investigation; 'This party atmosphere sends the wrong message'

Alan Keyes launches 'Liberty' blog; Warns of 'Obama's push to make U.S. Soviet-style state'

Wikipedia scrubs Obama eligibility; Mention of citizenship issues deleted in minutes, 'offending' users banned
NOTE: This also happened to me when I updated the page about a young man who was killed supposedly because he was gay (a cause which has been used non-stop by the gay agenda ever since), but who admitted later that it was a failed robbery attempt. Despite being well-documented with links to references, my comments were deleted within a good 60 seconds, I am sure. You have to log the reasons for making a change, and there are groups who have a vested interest in what shows up on certain pages who babysit the changelog.

Justice for Victims of the Weather Underground


CNN Correspondent Now the Communist Candidate in El Salvador

Clinton, Russian peer expect weapons deal; Optimism for new reduction treaty comes after talks to 'reset' relations
NOTE: I mentioned last time that Hillary is a Commie, right?


Loyal To Liberty
NOTE: The official blog for Alan Keyes, the other, Conservative, Black candidate for President last year. The one that should have won.

The Red Pill (Statements on Freedom)

Our Enemies in Hollywood

Julia Roberts to produce 'Jesus Henry Christ' comedy

The agenda of deliberate destruction; Author reveals in Q&A how Jane Fonda contributed to 'blood bath'

Economic Crisis

Can you survive economic crisis? Booming preparedness industry says Americans are stockpiling
NOTE: Be sure to check out the link to Survival Seeds.

Five More States Invoke the 10th

The War on Christianity

'Sectarian' curriculum must go, says N. Mex. official

State bans prayer at Christian institutions; Policy censoring faithful 'on their own private property' challenged
NOTE: All I hear is the No on Prop 8 crowds promising that no one will ever be prosecuted for speaking out against homosexuality because we have freedom of speech in America...

Student's rights stripped at public university

Global Warming

Scientists meet to dispute global warming theory
NOTE: This article has more information, and I think it is even better: link. A quote from the second article:

Coffman warns that politicians are moving towards having an international tribunal established which will regulate carbon emissions.

"Which means basically since carbon dioxide is involved in all elements of business in the United States, ...whoever does this controls the economy of the United States, and therefore our sovereignty..."

US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works - Global Warming Page

U.S. Senate Report: Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007
NOTE: This page has a link to an updated report (231 pages long) with 650 global warming skeptics from the scientific community, and I heard Senator Inhofe on the radio yesterday, saying that the number is now over 800. So, there's your global warming "consensus" for you. The debate is obviously over just like Obama says.


Mormon TV: Harvard video goes viral

Parental Rights

Don't Throw the Baby Out...

September 11th

If you are among the millions of Americans who still believe that terrorists single-handedly took down the World Trade Center buildings, then I challenge you to watch the following two videos. I felt the same as you, until I saw these videos a few months ago:

9/11 - 2/1/2006 BYU Professor Steven E Jones WTC Lecture UVSC
NOTE: The slides are difficult to see in this video, so here is another version I just found that shows the slides close up. It is shorter, though, so I don't know if it is substantially different: link

Loose Change 2nd Edition


Olbermann's plastic ivy


What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

Famed pastor predicts imminent catastrophe; Best-selling author, Teen Challenge founder, sees 'earth-shattering calamity about to happen'
NOTE: The most interesting thing about this just might be the fact that his conclusion is exactly the same thing that LDS leaders have been telling the world for decades!

Call To Action!

Will 'We Surround Them' launch revolution? Glenn Beck warns about falling for 'Wizard of Oz lie'

March on Washington July 4!
NOTE: I have been waiting for someone to suggest something like this. I hope I can go.

Focus on the Family Action: Petition To Keep Our Tax Dollars From Funding Abortion

Tax Day Tea Party: Online HQ for the April 15th Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party Rallies...

Just For Fun!

Ray Collins & His Hot Club - Out of my mind