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Web Update 7/13/09

Look, this one's gonna be long, because I haven't put one of these together in a while. I apologize. BUT, please read as much as you can! Skim the articles, at the very least! You must stay informed!!!

The New World Order / 1984

U.N. to Emerge as Global IRS
NOTE: THIS is what you desperately need to understand! We have been hearing for years that a NWO is in the planning/making. What we have not understood is that it is primarily a FINANCIAL DICTATORSHIP! The Federal Reserve has been dictating the actions and policies of our leaders, and indeed even selecting our leaders themselves, for decades. Our current "financial crisis" was completely fabricated and orchestrated by the Fed, and now they are in the White House. Didya notice that? Yeah.

Don't believe me? Watch this one, then:
The Verdict Judge Napolitano on Obama's Plan Giving Unlimited power to the Federal Reserve
and this:
or read this:
Obama Regulatory Reform Plan Officially Establishes Banking Dictatorship In United States
Ron Paul Slams Federal Reserve’s New Dictatorial Powers
Financial Dictatorship Spreads To Europe; Regulatory powers in all nations to be handed over to newly formed EU bodies in conjunction with the European Central Bank

Our Awful Situation: Secret Combinations Above Us [.pdf]

Bankster “Holiday” Planned for September?
NOTE: This one is more important than it sounds. Please read!

Greenspan Admits The Federal Reserve Is Above The Law & Answers To No One

Gore: U.S. Climate Bill Will Help Bring About ‘Global Governance’

Martial Law - Are You Prepared?

Ron Paul - Maybe Freedom is popular!

DeMint Explains Why the Federal Reserve Should Be Audited
Audit The FED is SHOT DOWN in the senate!

Pentagon Exam Calls Protests 'Low-Level Terrorism,' Angering Activists

Obama Science Advisor Called For “Planetary Regime” To Enforce Totalitarian Population Control Measures

Obama Science Czar’s Plan To Sterilize Population Through Water Supply Already Happening

Children and Pregnant Women Targeted in U.S. Swine Flu Mass Vaccination Program
NOTE: Please understand that these are virtually untested vaccines, whose safety is highly suspect! What are they injecting into us, and why? Bear in mind that one state recently stated that it was Constitutional for them to force their citizens to receive vaccines against their will...!!! At GUNPOINT, people!!!
Pandemic Level 6 Alert NSMDOC reloaded
Mandatory H1N1 Vaccine May Be in the Works
Arkansas State Health Department: Mandatory Vaccines Are Constitutional
Brits Tell Goons With Needles To Stick It Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Medvedev Shows Off Sample Coin of New ‘World Currency’ at G-8
Russia Calls On SCO To Replace Dollar In International Trade

DHS "training" excersize scheduled for 7/27-31.........including intl. cooperation

Pope Endorses “World Political Authority”
NOTE: Surprise! In other news, the new pope was a Hitler Youth.

"Continuity of Government" - A Threat to the Constitution
NOTE: Some extremely credible expert sources, including the son of W. Cleon Skousen, believe that the government is planning a nuclear war that we will suffer greatly from, intentionally, and that THEY will survive from, emerging and claiming the ability to lead us, at which time they will turn is over to the New World Order. They are establishing the financial power and establishment right now, but they need WWIII because most Americans will not give in to a New World Order. See this article to find out other ways Bill Clinton, as one example, has been setting us up for a Chinese attack. This article shows Obama setting us up for Russian attack. You see, WE are always expected to keep our word, and we do. Russia, on the other hand, has declared their contempt for truth since the inception of their Communist regime. Unfortunately, both scenarios are likely, both countries are working together, and both are puppet regimes of the NWO leaders.
See also:

The End of Dollar Hegemony

Christian college puts political correctness above scripture
NOTE: The NWO has three planks: financial, something I can't remember right now, and religious. Meaning that they have placed people in organizations, and established new religious organizations (i.e., National/World Council of Churches), that serve their purposes.

Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More
NOTE: Remember Obama's call for a CIVILIAN DEFENSE CORP, and mandatory civil service for youth? Sound like Hitler, yet?

U.S. Dollar to be Destroyed

Government Empowers Teenage Criminals To “Patrol” Streets As ‘Urban Rangers’

International Bailout Brings Us Closer to Economic Collapse

State Dept. Nominee Says “Guns Kill Civil Society”
From the article:

“If you want to be in the global environment, you have to play by the global rules,” Koh told a Cleveland audience.

Koh’s positions treat our constitutional law as if it were a mere local ordinance on the greater world stage. This is of particular concern to gun owners at a time when the U.S. Congress is under pressure from President Obama to ratify an international gun control treaty with countries in the western hemisphere. That treaty, known by its Spanish acronym CIFTA, would likely serve as a forerunner to a more extensive United Nations initiative, the “Program of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in all its Aspects.”

The Bush administration, under the leadership of UN Ambassador John Bolton, rejected the small arms treaty. Bolton plainly told the world that the United States will not accept a gun control document that violates our Constitutional right to bear arms. Harold Koh commented that Bolton was being “needlessly provocative.”

In a paper entitled “A world drowning in guns,” Koh maintains that a civil society cannot exist with broad gun ownership: “Guns kill civil society,” he said.

US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive
From the article:

Dozens of US cities may have entire neighbourhoods bulldozed as part of drastic "shrink to survive" proposals being considered by the Obama administration to tackle economic decline

CIA and Pentagon Deploy RFID “Death Chips.” Coming Soon to a Product Near You!

It’s Not That the Police Killed Him; He Just Happened To Die

Things You Should Not Forget Archive #01 GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA EXPERTS IN CNN

Cop Arrests Journalists(CNN Video)
This video makes me sick.

Take photos of police in England and risk arrest
NOTE: Why would I include an article about what's going on in England? Because a) it's being done by a branch of the Federal Reserve, who control England, and b) Reporters threatened with arrest for filming private Federal Reserve building here in America.

Report: TSA To Take Over Subway Bag Check From NYPD

CNN Covers Unlawful Detention Of Steve Bierfeldt Of Campaign For Liberty
NOTE: American airports are now Soviet territory. And so are NY subways.
BBC Caught In Mass Public Deception With Iran Propaganda

Feds To Get Power To Target Websites Making “False Claims”

Whistleblower Who Linked "Taliban" Leader To US Intelligence Is Assassinated; Analysts claim enemy of slain tribal leader is protected, funded by CIA

Obama fires watchdog who barked at his crony; Rush Limbaugh calls action illegal, 'bigger' than Alberto Gonzales fray
Probe launched in suspicious firing of inspector general; Senator blasts administration: 'Intimidation or retaliation cannot be tolerated'
Senator asks about firings of watchdogs; Removal of 2 inspectors general prompts questions

An American nightmare

Are you freer today than you were before Obama? Survey shows grave concerns by Americans about Big Brother


Rotten ACORN

Kenyan governor for California? Candidate inspired by Obama's success to seek Democrat Party's nomination

Obama tied to Ayers ... at age 11; Anti-military congregation attended as boy in Hawaii linked to radical's organization
SUMMARY: When Obama was a kid in Hawaii, he attended a church that regularly sent funds to Bill Ayers' terrorist group, The Weathermen. You know who Bill Ayers is, right? "He's just a guy in my neighborhood," Obama tried to tell us during the presidential campaign. Mm-hm.

Why Obama wants to hide birth certificate

Stop the dictatorship now!

Obama: U.S. 'one of largest Muslim countries'; President makes inaccurate statement as White House stresses his Islamic roots

Constitutional Issues

Tracking Pedestrian Chips
NOTE: Please read!

H.R. 675: Building Obama’s Civilian National Security Force

Defense Department Announces Civilian Expeditionary Workforce
NOTE: That's funny. I thought the Thirteenth Amendment protected us from "involuntary servitude."

Obama 'confused' on American principles

'Sever the tether' ASAP between gov't, banks

TX governor loyal to parental rights
NOTE: This is what every state will face if Obama ratifies the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child!

The Gang
From the article:

We gun owners routinely say to one another that we have the "right" to keep and bear arms. Honestly, though: what kind of "right" do we have if we are afraid to use it?

There is one federal agency whose job is to instill fear into gun owners and dealers. That agency is BATFE.

When we're afraid to make a purchase at a gun show, own an interesting collection of firearms, or effectively protect our own home and family, then we've already lost most of the right to keep and bear arms.

Obama to Iran’s leaders: Stop ‘unjust’ actions
From the article:

"We call on the Iranian government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people," Obama said in a written statement. "The universal rights to assembly and free speech must be respected, and the United States stands with all who seek to exercise those rights."

NOTE: Since when did Obama care about anyone's Constitutional rights???

Sotomayor's Gun Control Positions Could Prompt Conservative Backlash
From the article:

Earlier this year, President Obama's Supreme Court nominee joined an opinion with the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that Second Amendment rights do not apply to the states.


Environmental Issues

WSJ - Number of skeptics is swelling everywhere
NOTE: Duh. I could have told you that!

Are environmentalists scaring your kids?

Making a monkey out of Darwin


California Public School District Will Force All First Graders to Follow Curriculum That Normalizes Same-Sex Unions

NEA to consider full support of homosexual 'marriage'
NOTE: Supporters of Prop 8 knew that all along. However, you may want to inform your friends who are educators so they know they are working for the enemy.

WND: Media Gag Homosexual Factor in Frank Lombard Duke Boy Rape Case
Duke's homosexual rape case elicits silence

When Color Trumps Christianity - Star Parker

VIDEO: ‘Electro Torture’ and Public Nudity on New York City Streets - ‘Folsom Street East’

Obama Says Foes of Homosexuality Hold to ‘Worn Arguments and Old Attitudes’

Obama declares June 'LGBT Pride Month'
NOTE: Something I have noticed recently is that several things we are being led to believe are NOT being done, i.e., we are going to VOTE on them, are actually being done already! For instance, I was grocery shopping and came across some cereal that said on the bottom that the company purchases carbon credits. Ummm... I thought we were still DELIBERATING the merits of such a system... Also, long before Obama made his declaration about LGBT Month, our local library was already advertising LGBT Month and hosting events for it. Truly, we have lost control of our government. Be sure to check out the poll results and disclaimer below the article!

Disney hosts 'Gay Days' this weekend

Does homophobia cause AIDS?

Obama more than tolerant of homosexual lifestyle
NOTE: There have also been some serious, and credible, allegations that Obama may have been behind the deaths of several gays at his church who may have know or done things that he didn't want out.

NASA backs month-long homosexual pride celebration

'No truth' in Obama's speech before homosexuals

Same-Sex Couples Can Use Married Names on Passports
From the article:

The notice says the change does not mean the department is recognizing the validity of same-sex marriages and civil unions.

NOTE: Mm-hm.


Red Cross symbol to change to Red Crystal
From the article:

British foreign Office minister Chris Bryant said that the historic emblem of the red cross risked undermining the work of the humanitarian organization, because of the religious connotations of the cross and crescent symbols currently used by the international body.

NOTE: Riiiiight. And crystals have NO religious connotations whatsoever... Gee, we're not drifting in a Satanic direction, are we?

A fight for religious freedom in the classroom

Bill Clinton: “U.S. no longer dominated by Christians and Jews”

Court sentences bishop for ringing church bells; Neighbors complained of 'noise,' though songs played quieter than traffic

UCLA student told she can't say 'Jesus'; Adviser edits senior's statement, cites, 'This is department policy'

Our Judeo-Christian Nation

PBS to Begin Phasing Out Religious Programming From Airwaves

State moves to restrict Catholics in politics; Official contends church must register as 'lobbyist' to speak out

The church: An accomplice to Marxism in our schools

Prison seminary gives inmates 2nd chance


Muslim Demographics
NOTE: Please watch this!

NOTE: Please understand that, according to Myron Fagan, the Illuminati (aka, the Federal Reserve and the Council on Foreign Relations, and their cronies) have long had all three World Wars planned out. The first two went according to plan, and the next, according to Fagan's words more than 4 decades ago, is to be a war between Christianity and Islam. That is why our government continues to allow Muslim terrorist cells in the US, as I have pointed out before. It also explains a host of recent actions and comments by Obama, and other representatives.
City corrals Christians at weekend Arab fest; Judge won't let ministry deliver tracts on public sidewalks

Coalition Fights Expansion of Islamic Saudi Academy in Virginia

Things Aren't Always What You Think

Ginsburg: I thought Roe Was to Rid Undesirables

Washington is Playing a Deeper Game with China
From the article:

Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, was quite candid when he said in a published interview in 1991: "A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA."

The State of our Schools

Elk Grove School DVD Contained Racy Material
NOTE: These things RARELY happen accidentally. I hope that, in light of the recent efforts to expose our children to condoms, sex education, and homosexual indoctrination, you will realize that these types of things just don't happen by accident. There is a concerted effort to demoralize our children. This is in my local area.

Washington Times Op-ed—Homeschooling: Under Pressure all over Europe

Little League umpire pleads guilty to federal child-porn charge


Think before you toke: California regulators find marijuana smoke causes cancer
NOTE: Poor dopeheads. They voted for Obama because he said he supported marijuana use. Now, the government will probably regulate it. Boo-hoo.

Children taking ADHD medication may be at risk of sudden cardiac death, study finds


1. Watch this video!

2. Learn Why Glenn Beck Wants America to read The 5,000 Year Leap

3. Read When Is It Going To Be Enough, America?

4. Check out this image and find out how six companies control most of your life.
PLEASE NOTE: Disney owns ABC, which spews nothing but government propaganda. Think about it. We will no longer buy Disney products. "But, but... What about the children..?" you whine. Well, no one ever died from Disney deficiency. In fact, I am quite sure that just the opposite has happened to our culture.

5. Watch Cartoon Predicts the Future 50 Years Ago. Well, folks, we didn't listen 50 years ago, will we listen NOW?

6. Wake up America and Smell the Dictatorship.

7. Listen to the webinars at Also, get to know Gary Franchi (editor of the magazine, and runs and Alex Jones (who runs InfoWars and PrisonPlanet).

8. RED ALERT: The Total Takeover Of America Enters Its Final Phase

9. Investigate 9/11:


11. Realize that we have been politically divided by the Globalists, intentionally! To get an idea, watch this video. People on "the other side" aren't really all that bad! We need to stand on principles instead of party lines!

12. Read NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY by Gary Allen (online), or listen/watch on YouTube here. Download a .pdf version here.

13. Be careful what you believe. I have been a fan of Glenn Beck for years now. HOWEVER, he has recently begun to say some things that are very disturbing to me. In particular, he has been making untruthful statements about 9/11 Truthers (people who do not believe official answers for the 9/11 tragedy, including myself), such as that we want to destroy the country, that we are dangerous, and that we worship Von Brunn, the man that shot people at the Holocaust Museum a while back. None of this is true, so this is very disturbing to me, and others like me. Just be cautious of what you believe. Remember, PRINCIPLES over POLITICS!

14. Watch The Alex Jones channel on YouTube. Most of it is good stuff. Some is a little iffy, but not entirely off-base.

15. Read The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom. I have it! It's awesome!

16. Consult the World Affairs Brief, by Joel Skousen. He really knows what's up.


18. Know Your Enemy!


1. Our family recently went through our movies, keeping only a few. The rest we will sell on eBay. We put the TV in the garage. We discussed the fact that the people in Hollywood generally do not have our best interests in mind, and that the best way to protect ourselves from these subversive influences would be to stop paying them to indoctrinate us. If you would like to protect your family, but do not wish to take such an "extreme" position, I urge you to consider purchasing a ClearPlay DVD Player. Click the link for info.

2. Bookmark this website for future immediate use!

3. Alert your Massachusetts friends! The so-called "Bathroom Bill" will be voted on TOMORROW!!! (Sorry, I just found out!)
From the article:

...a similar bill was recently passed in Colorado where advocates of the measure stated it would not impact bathrooms, but as soon as it passed the state issued a pamphlet saying that it does.

4. Support alternative media, the only Truth-tellers we have to rely on!!!

5. Call your U.S. Congressman and Senators and oppose “Hate Crimes” (S 909), ENDA (Employment Nondiscrimination Act) and all aspects of President Obama’s homosexual/transsexual agenda (see below). Call or write: 202-224-3121; 202-225-3121;

6. Do some Emergency Preparedness:

7. Advertise your views so that you can share them with others!, American Life League's Pro-Life Store

8. Pay attention to what Congress is doing, and keep others informed!

9. Say NO to Pepsi's radical homosexual agenda!

10. Join ResistNet, and take a stand against Socialism!

11. Insist that our government Payback America!

12. Solicit military and police officers to join OathKeepers!
From the website:

Oath Keepers is an association of currently serving military, veterans, and peace officers who will fulfill the oath we swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God.

Our oath is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and we will not obey unconstitutional (and thus illegal) and immoral orders, such as orders to disarm the American people or to place them under martial law and deprive them of their ancient right to jury trial.

We Oath Keepers have drawn a line in the sand. We will not “just follow orders.”

NOTE: Check out the oath, and see why it is so important!

13. Fire your representatives if they refuse to uphold the Constitution!

14. Join the 09.12.09 National Taxpayer Protest. This can also be done via ResistNet.

15. Join The 9-12 Project. Although I have some serious misgivings about Glenn Beck, I think this is a great site for like-minded people to gather and converse.

Something Odd

Germans flock to gold bars vending machine at Frankfurt airport

Something Positive

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