Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Well, Is Obama a Socialist or Isn't He?

Q. Explain to me why making taxes more balanced and wanting
Universal Healthcare makes Obama a Socialist.

A. Your question can best be answered by dividing it into
multiple parts:

  1. Is Obama making taxes “more balanced?” and is this approach
    a good thing? ? Is this Socialist?

  2. What is Universal Healthcare and why is it good/bad?

  3. Is Obama a Socialist, and, if so, do these things make him so?

1. Is Obama making taxes “more balanced?” and is this approach a
good thing? Is this Socialist?

Some people believe that citizens who make more money than others should be required to pay higher taxes. I am going to assume this refers to Federal Income Tax. This position is taken up entirely upon the premise that these citizens have more money, and upon no other factor. Those holding such an opinion would do well to ask themselves the purpose for which we pay taxes. Is it to provide stable income to the unemployed? No, that is the responsibility of the individual, and it is supplemented by the voluntary charitable giving of private citizens. Is it to pay for government services? According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, “The federal government collects taxes in order to finance various public services.”

It should be noted, however, that according to the film, "America: Freedom to Fascism,” most government services are paid for by taxes other than the Income Tax. This film may be viewed online, for free, at the above link.

If it is indeed the case that our taxes pay for “public services,” what rationale can there be for demanding that citizens with higher earnings pay more than other citizens do, for the same services?

The only truly “balanced” tax system is one in which all citizens pay an equal share, regardless of their income.

Is it “Socialist” to want to “balance” taxes? Consider for a moment that Socialism and Communism are two heads of the same serpent, two means to the same end. In fact, H.G. Wells (Yes, that H. G. Wells!) quit the Fabian Socialists precisely because he felt that the revolutionary (i.e., violent) approach of the Communists was more apt to bring about the change they desired.

Communism and Socialism are both forms of Statism, in which the government is the ultimate authority. Both Communists and Socialists claim the ability to “equalize” society; according to their own words, they intend to do this by eliminating religion, private property, and the family unit. With government as the ultimate authority, they intend to force us all to be equal. The United States of America is a Republic, one that expressly recognizes God as the Ultimate Source of Authority. According to God’s word, we are each to earn our bread by the sweat of our brow (Moses 4:25, Psalms 128:2), and we are to give of our own free will (Isa. 1:17, Luke 11:41, Mosiah 4:16-24).

For Latter-day Saints (“Mormons”), the plan of Socialism should sound familiar: “Our agency, given us through the plan of our Father, is the great alternative to Satan’s plan of force. With this sublime gift, we can grow, improve, progress, and seek perfection. Without agency, none of us could grow and develop by learning from our mistakes and errors and those of others” (James E. Faust, “The Forces That Will Save Us,” Ensign, Jan 2007, 4–9).

2. What is Universal Healthcare and why is it good/bad?

First, note that part of this question is answered above. For one thing, Socialized medicine forces all citizens to subsidize the healthcare of others, many of whom are not required to pay into the system in any way. This is the same reason that healthcare for illegal immigrants is morally wrong.

Growing up in the military, I have experienced socialized healthcare firsthand on military bases around the world. Being part Native American, I have also experienced socialized medicine on reservations and at off-rez clinics and dental offices. The wait is always long. Once, I got sick and missed an appointment. I was told that there was no way to reschedule; I would just have to wait until I heard from them. This took more than 6 months. I was waiting for a root canal.

Quality of service under socialized medicine is also suspect. The socialized medical clinics and dental offices I have been in have provided sub-par work ("The government gave me this job, and with my union, they can never fire me!"), and with crappy customer service, to boot ("There is no competition, so why bother?"). Apparently, this is commonplace with socialized medicine, because Canadians have been coming to America for healthcare for years. Elsewhere, it has been noted, socialist healthcare providers deny healthcare coverage and/or services to individuals that the government feels are not worth the bother. In general, this means the elderly and those with serious illnesses. The Patriot Post recently posted an article that every American should read about this particular facet of socialized medicine: Team ObamaCare: Sanger, Ginsburg and Holdren [Please note: This is a .pdf file]. They address the issue further here [Another .pdf].

The New Conservatives blog also offers up some personal experience with socialized healthcare here: Socialized Medicine is Bad for America.

The Real Barack Obama blog discusses the issue here, including a video snippet from the Glenn Beck show demonstrating how the socialized healthcare system in Massachusetts is way out of control.

This is not that video. But it is awesome:

3. The final question is much easier to answer: Is Obama a
Socialist, and, if so, do these things make him so?

To begin with, these things are not what makes Obama a Socialist. No, he has done that all on his own. To begin with, during the 2008 presidential campaign, our “watchdog” media entirely ignored emerging information about Obama’s past: namely that he was a member of the New Party, a Socialist political party that was disbanded by the Supreme Court because its goals were “unconstitutional.” Secondly, when Obama was asked who Bill Ayers was, during the campaign, he responded that he was “just a guy in [his] neighborhood.” It was subsequently discovered that he has had very close ties with this former terrorist for decades, including business and educational ventures. It has recently been discovered that when Obama was a young man in Hawaii, the church he attended gave money to support Bill Ayers’ Socialist terrorist organization, the Weathermen.

For all the information you will ever need to know on this subject, and more, please visit The Obama Socialist / Marxist / Communist Reader on The Real Barack Obama blog.