Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Truth About Vaccines

So, we are all taught that the medical establishment introduced vaccines, and thereby saved the world from certain destruction. However, the truth seems to be that diseases were already almost entirely eradicated before vaccines were ever introduced, and when the diseases finished disappearing, after vaccines came in the scene, the medical industry claimed the credit.

Below are some charts I got from Mothering magazine that illustrate this point:

Friday, April 29, 2011

Please tell me your personal information. I'll ask in a subtle way, honest!

This is a screen shot I took of the password hint questions available when signing up for something on Yahoo:
The following has been circulating on Facebook posts recently:

As you polish your plastic tiara in preparation for Friday, be sure everyone knows to address you by your royal wedding invitation name. What, your invitation was lost in the mail? No worries. Simply follow these simple rules floating around Facebook:

Take one of your grandparents’ first names, then combine the name of your childhood pet and the street you grew up on to get your last name. Add “Lord” or “Lady,” and whammo, instant class. You’re not Jenny, you’re Lady Millicent Snuffles West Main. Won’t you graciously join Lord Archibald Smooches of Blue Mount on the royal couch?

Here are the Yahoo password reminder questions again. Notice anything?

Yeah. Don't fall for this stupid, obvious crap. You will lose your email account and have no way to recover it. Once the hackers have access to your email, they have other passwords that have been emailed to you, and access to any websites you access via that email address (When you change passwords on most sites, all they do is send the new password, or a link, to the contact email!).

Wise up! Now, post this link in every Facebook post where you see the above questionnaire, or anything similar!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Something That Rhymes With Mitt" Romney

It seems that many Mormons these days are enamored with Mitt Romney. And why not? He's charming, good looking (For real, not the cockamamie magazine spiel about Bill Clinton. Yuck!), and LDS. What more could you ask, right? Apparently, 45 of my Facebook friends think so.

Well, here are a few bits and bobs to help you get to know the Guv better:

Mitt Romney Denies Key Tenet of His Own Faith:

[When I posted this on Facebook a friend said, "Wish I could find the whole interview instead of just a sound bite." My response was, "Me, too, Joel. However, I do not believe that there is anything else he could say that would put that statement in an appropriate or acceptable light. I don't believe context is an issue here. Would YOU ever say anything like that? It's kinda like Obama's "my Muslim faith" snafu. Would YOU ever slip up and make a comment like that? I never have yet.]


The Mitt Romney Report: 
[Be VERY sure to read all of the articles on this page, and watch the videos!]

Mass. homosexual lobby endorses Dan Winslow -- Gov. Mitt Romney's chief legal counsel -- for state representative

While running for US Senate against Ted Kennedy Mitt made big promises to the homosexual lobby.

Mitt Romney's letter to Massachusetts Log Cabin Republicans

Romney's universal health care includes taxpayer-funded abortions 

I hope these help you understand who Mitt Romney is, and what he has already done for our country. I sincerely hope he is NOT given the opportunity to do any more.

1) He escorted gay "marriage" into our country, and gave it wine and roses. Gay "marriages" and the ensuing battles over them would never have happened if it hadn't started in Massachusetts, under Mitt Romney, WITH HIS EXPLICIT ASSISTANCE!

2) He started Socialist health care in our country. Same comments as above; it all started with his state, under his leadership, with his help.

3) I do not believe that ANY lifelong Mormon could EVER accept abortion (which he once did), whether he "changed his mind" or not (which he claims he did).