Friday, August 31, 2012

Was the Republican Convention Romney's Defining Moment?

Image: Wikimedia Commons
When my father was in the military, a man we went to church with, an MP, I believe, was dismissed from military service for receiving stolen goods. Garbage bags, of all things.

I can only imagine that there was some proof that he had prior knowledge, otherwise how could they have justified his dismissal from service? If these allegations were true, this was a man of very poor character.

As the RNC shenanigans have taken place recently - changing rules on a whim, shutting out Ron Paul-favoring delegates, and de-certifying entire states' delegates - we must ask of Romney, as others asked about Bush during the 9/11 hearings: what did he know, and when? This is important considering that all of the shenanigans turned things in Romney's favor.

Did he know in advance, and say nothing? If so, there are serious ramifications for fraud that must be demanded. If not, then his character rests on his reaction to the news.

So, what if he only found out about it afterward? Or should we first ask if he even knows about it now? Yes, he does. How do we know? Recently, a FOX news anchor put the question to him during an interview on August 27, 2012. Without acting surprised in the slightest, Mitt Romney said he "would not comment on it," and he "really hasn't looked at this." No reaction, no disgust, just pithy politics. If nothing else, we know he is aware now.

What should be expected from a man of character upon finding out that his recent conquest was unfairly gained? I would hope it would be to demand that things be redone properly. That is, after all, what character means. But there have been no such calls from either Romney or his campaign. This is especially troubling for someone traveling so prominently in the limelight of his religion (and mine).

Perhaps you believe Ron Paul did not stand a chance of winning. Well, there are those who disagree with you. Either way, and especially if you think Congressman Paul had no chance of winning, what would Romney stand to lose by going through the motions one more time, and coming out on top a second time? This could only have served to ease suspicions that there was collusion against Congressman Paul and/or for Romney.

As it stands, many Republican voters feel disenfranchised, and wonder whether their vote really counts, or if there is a greater fraud afoot.

So, as I see things, this all boils down to one of the following options:

  1. Romney knew about these underhanded tactics ahead of time, and supported them, either actively or passively. A poor show of character.
  2. Romney did not know in advance, but even after finding out, accepted the win it provided him. Another poor show of character.
  3. Romney did not know in advance, but now that he knows about it, he will soon be calling for a proper vote. The only choice for a man of character.

How long until Romney calls for fairness? Only time will tell, of course, but I wouldn't hold my breath. After all, the Republican Convention is over.

That leaves two options, and neither one of them is good.



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