Monday, November 5, 2012

Missing But Not Absent

While I am trying to post to this blog on a weekly basis, I must say that I have a commitment to live my life, as well. I go to school, work, and help raise my kids. And... help friends publish books.

My friend, D. Christian Markham, has just today published a book, entitled "There Are Save Two Churches Only, Volume I". It is 534 pages long, and is available for purchase at cost, and to read online. What does this have to do with me, you ask? Well, I have spent a good portion of the last year-plus proofreading this tome, as well as providing research and documentation that was included. I also created the website, and maintain it. So, yeah. I've been busy.

I will will hopefully begin updating this blog regularly, as intended, now that things have calmed down a little. Unless I get that job... Well, life never stops, does it? I mean, until it does... but I don't have any morbid expectations. Of course, who ever does?

Please visit the website for my friend's book, here: There Are Save Two Churches Only.